Queer voices harmonizing for liberation.


Queer Choir Collective curates non-gendered, intergenerational, re-humanizing singing spaces for queer, trans and gender-expansive individuals of all identities and voice types. Allies/co-conspirators welcome.

Drop-In Song Circles: Tuesdays, 6-7pm
8-Week Choir Cohorts: Mondays, 7-8:30pm
1:1 Voice Work

Come as you are. Move at the speed of trust.


Join us for a weekly drop-in singing experience where you can explore your voice and connect with other magical queers in a non-gendered, supportive environment. All music-making will be done by ear. 1st/3rd Tuesdays will be in-person in Eugene and 2nd/4th Tuesdays live on Zoom. No prior singing experience necessary.

Bring your magic. Take it to the depths.


These 8-week sessions provide a deeper dive into ensemble singing inside of a closed container. Build trust and connection, strengthen your vocal skills and create beautiful music in a wholly queered-up choir space (in-person) No audition. No SATB voicing. Some prior singing experience recommended.

Singing is your birthright. Reclaim it.

Lisa offers private sessions at their home studio in Southeast Eugene. Whether you've been singing for years already, or have never sung in front of anyone before, Lisa creates loving and patient space for you to work through all the vulnerability, joy, and release that comes with singing.


"Queer like, escaping definition. Queer like some sort of fluidity and limitlessness at once...like a freedom too strange to be conquered...like the fearlessness to imagine what love can look like, and pursue it." - Brandon Wint


Lisa Forkish

QCC is directed by Lisa Forkish (they/she), a genderqueer singer/songwriter, artivist, educator, abolitionist, community-builder, Cancer Sun + Rising, a cappella geek, and veteran choir director. Lisa has deep roots in Eugene, and recently moved back to these unceded Kalapuya lands from Oakland, CA where they spent 10 years as vocal music faculty at Oakland School for the Arts.

Lisa is committed to decolonizing the western settler capitalist concept of singing as an exclusive activity only for some, and not the universal truth that it is; a sacred birthright for all. She aims to breathe humanity into the spaces she holds, with vulnerability and compassion. Lisa is actively working to heal the wounds of music elitism and not-enoughness through an embodied, trauma-informed and heartful approach. For them, love is paramount, and closeness is the antidote to white supremacist delusion, cisheteropatriarchy and cultural disconnection. Lisa believes in singing as a liberatory practice and invites you to join them in using voice and song to create a more just and loving world.

You can learn more about Lisa and their work at lisaforkish.com.

“Let me chant my heartʻs wishes for the world and harmonize with others who are courageous enough to make music with their voices." - Pixie Lighthorse


Can I join if I don't have prior formal singing experience? Yes! All are welcome. If you've never sung in a choir or vocal ensemble before, I recommend checking out the drop-in song circle first to feel it out. The 8-week choir sessions will move at a slightly quicker pace, and will include both learning by ear and learning with sheet music. There will ALWAYS be practice tracks so those who exclusively learn by ear can access all QCC offerings.

Will I have to sing by myself in front of others? Not required, however there will be various opportunities to share your solo voice with others if you desire.

What covid safety measures are in place? We will make room for airflow and use air filters as needed. Masks are optional, but may absolutely be worn as needed/desired. We take care of each other, so if you are feeling unwell, or know you've had exposure to COVID or other serious illness, please stay home. 2nd and 4th Tuesday Song Circles are on Zoom, so accessible to all!

What about other accessibility needs? All of our in-person singing spaces include these accessibility features:

  • on public-transit / easy nearby street parking

  • wheelchair-accessible entrances

  • gender neutral bathrooms

  • various seating options for different body types (multiple kinds of chairs, floor seating options, benches, couches, etc.)

What can I expect from the drop-in song circles? The hour flies by! A Tuesday evening song circle will include a combination of circle singing/improvisation and learning songs by ear.

What can I expect from the 8-week choir cohorts? Our weekly structure roughly looks like this:

  • opening arrival and mindfulness practice

  • vocal warm-ups

  • learning short, accessible songs with repeated parts

  • work on a piece of music with sheet music

  • circle songs / freeing the voice

  • closing practice

Can I join an 8-week choir if I'm unable to attend all dates? Yes, you can still join us, but payment is required for the full session, and singers are encouraged to block out all eight Mondays in the interest of building a cohesive, connected choir for the duration.

Can I sing with QCC if I'm not queer-identified? Absolutely. Having co-conspirators and diverse backgrounds in our liberatory singing spaces is crucial! And, it's imperative that you feel comfortable in a queer-centered space, have language competency that is trans-inclusive / gender neutral and that you be open and receptive to learning. Here is a great site with resources for allies.

Being in QCC reminded me that my voice (and by extension me) has its special strengths and deserves to be heard along with others in harmony, or dissonance as it may be. Thank you for that!" - Dan (Eugene, OR)

"Lisa's beautiful facilitation of singing circles is nothing short of musical alchemy-Lisa creates spaces that are warm, safe, welcoming, and courageous, melding music and message in deep, meaningful ways." - Angela (Oakland, CA)

“Lisa creates a safe space to unpack all the vulnerabilities and sensitivities that come with singing for me. They are absolutely present and so very knowledgeable. I feel safely held and guided.” - Jenn (Hilo, HI)



For inquiries, collaborations, or any questions you may have, please send us an email: info@queerchoircollective.com